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It's all in the werds. The meaning of any well written song is all in the werds. I keep repeating that over and over and I use my weblog to break down the meaning of the werds for people who haven't ever taken the time to listen to anything beyond the beat.


Thanks - enjoyed reading some of your werds (werdz?).

The trouble is that enjoying a song is not all about understanding its meaning. I think Sterelab write brilliant songs, but a lot of the time I've no idea what they're talking about (probably something Marxist, or an in-joke, I'm guessing).

And I suppose that a song without music is a poem, really.

But I think your fight to trumpet the importantce of meaning in contemporary music is an entirely laudable one; far too many contemporary lyricists deal in bland and lazy cliches (he says, setting himself up to be shot down).

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